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Economic Services

Micro & Macro Economics

With our economic and actuarial experience, POBEK Advisory Ltd conducts market feasibility studies for our clients as well as economic viability of projects. Such clients include the Oil & Gas industries, Agricultural sector, Banking, Insurance & Telecoms. We ensure the utmost professionalism and thoroughness in our results and reports.

These include:

  • Consumption models
  • Production models
  • Revenue models
  • Gross Domestic Product (GDP) assessment models
  • Game theory models
  • Logistics models

Financial Economics

We develop models with particular reference to investment & finance. These tools calculate & analyse monetary activities (particularly for the investment institutions & stock exchange), forecasts for macroeconomic variables and economic performance.

These services include:

  • Forex & arbitrage  model development
  • Interest rate models
  • Inflation rate models
  • Derivative valuation
    • Futures & Forwards models
    • Options valuation
    • Swaps
    • Swaptions
  • Bankruptcy mitigating models